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The New Mexico
                 Task Force
June 2011 Northern Navajo Medical Center Launches Baby Friendly Initiative

April 2010
Mother Comfort Room opens at WNMU in Silver City

March 2007
"Becoming a Breastfeeding Culture" Peggy O'Mara  A presentation at the 2007 Conference

May 2006  
Gov. Romney Kills Ban on Formula Marketing

October 2005  The American Academy of Pediatrics has published a new
policy statement on Sudden  Infant Death Syndrome.  In this statement a "separate but proximate sleeping environment is recommended" and a suggestion that consideration be given to "offering a pacifier at nap time and bedtime."  The breastfeeding community has not been entirely supportive. For example La Leche League issued a critical statement which pointed out that the Academy did not consider the work of Dr.James McKenna in his sleep laboratory at Notre Dame University.
Below are materials that have been featured on our web site which are relevant and important to breastfeeding, worth reading, but are no longer news items